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Monday, March 21, 2011

Exploring Presence

Since deciding on a word for this year I've tried to daily incorporate presence into my life. I've worked at enjoying the presence of my family, friends, my mother and other people I know. I've concentrated on the presence of God while in church. I've been present as much as I can with doing things for other people who need me. I've also tried to keep a regular presence in the online communities where I'm a member.

Mostly, I've been finding time to be in the presence of creativity. I've left my art journals open on a desk in the study. Any time I pass by I splash a bit of paint around, paste something in, colour with a watercolour crayon or pencil, drip or mist water or even rubbing alcohol, trickle inks, doodle and draw with all kinds of media. I'm having a great time.

For me the key to actually getting any of this done is to leave the play things where I will play with them. Just seeing them out on the desk, with all the supplies on hand, is a lure to my senses. While showering my little boy I can sit for a total of three or four minutes. It's surprising just how much you can get done in those few moments.

An added bonus is that my little boy is only too happy to join me whenever I pull out my art supplies and journal at the park or in a café. Although I love playing alone, he is a very pleasant companion and we share supplies often. Here's the page I began with him last Saturday and finished over the last couple of days at home. I started this page using only my little boy's colour pencils and crayons.


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Friday, March 04, 2011

Journal Stamps

For ages and ages, well a long time at least, I've wanted to own a set of Teesha Moore's unusual, yet totally practical journal stamps. I've lost count of the number of times I've put them into the cart on her Land of Odd website, but sadly removed them again once I saw the total cost with shipping.

But when I received a newsletter with the wonderful news about free shipping until March 15, well, I knew my time had come. I snapped up a set and then waited and waited for them to arrive. Yesterday my journal stamps came in the mail. Yay!

I've been too busy to play with them so far, but I'm setting aside a date next week to cut them out and ink them up. Why don't you grab something you've been longing for while the free shipping offer lasts?

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