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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Food Journal Story

I've been wanting to share my weight loss story for some time, but felt I needed to wait for the right time. It feels like that time about now.

Near the end of 2009 I was feeling quite unwell in general. My cholesterol was fine, blood sugars not a worry, blood pressure excellent, but I was overweight, obese even. I still managed to do a lot in a regular day, though, and am surprised when I look back now at just how much I did manage, considering I was carrying at least 60 more kilograms than I am now.

The last few days of that year, 2009, had me suffering an horrific bout of vomiting and painful diarrhoea, with an ache in my upper right belly. The illness passed, but I made a decision to lessen the amount of fats and sugars in my diet, reduce my portion size and make sure I was active every day. I decided that I lived at a new address as far as my health was concerned and began to keep a food journal to help document my input.

Me with my youngest brother at the end of 2009

The food journal really helped. I found myself experiencing more bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, but more often the pain in my upper right tummy. I began to track and work out what foods were making me feel so sick and which caused the pain. I had lost some weight, but had no idea how much I weighed, just that my clothes were getting looser. About March 2010 I tried to donate blood but my iron was extremely low and they refused, later sending me a letter to present to my doctor, etc. At the blood clinic I had weighed in at 127.6kg. 

Beading meet up May 2010

By the time the doctor investigated what was up with me and sent me to have my gallbladder removed, in May 2010, I was down to 97kg. I continued to experience trouble with certain foods, though, so the food diary was still valuable in locating culprits. I found foods high in fats and many dairy products caused painful gas, headaches and often diarrhoea. I didn't enjoy this at all, so began to avoid certain foods and felt much better for my efforts.

Mother's Day 2011

By early 2011 I weighed 67kg, thereabouts and have maintained this loss over the time since, averaging 65kg with a weigh in once a fortnight. I went from size 24-26 to 8-10 and feel so much better I could go on all day. But I feel the pictures tell the story and hope you are inspired to also begin a food journal to help track your weight loss journey.

Me Sunday 21st October

Monday, September 03, 2012

Almost a year since I blogged

I couldn't believe it when I saw it's been almost a year since I posted an entry in this blog. While I haven't been blogging much I have been writing, quite a lot. I've also been busy looking after my unwell hubby and caring for my little boy, working and all the other stuff mums do in life.

Just this month, though, I've joined in a challenge with fellow blogger Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. She holds a monthly photo a day challenge, which I enjoyed following from several of my Facebook friends. I figured taking a photo a day couldn't be too difficult. Besides, seeing the other photos is so inspiring. Many of those images would make great journal prompts, too.

Here are my entries for the last three days:

Day 1: You, Now
Me, it's no more complicated than that.
Day 2: Father
The father of my three children.
Day 3: Far Away
Summer seems so far away on days like this.

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