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Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving Forward

So, the year 2015 disappeared on me. I have no clue where it went. I did see my daughter marry early in the year, a major event. We shifted out of the house we lived in for 21 years. Now that was trauma. I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from that. We've downsized which has also taken some adjustments, particularly on hubby's part. But, I am loving my new suburb and home. We now live in the Swan Valley region of Western Australia, which is filled with lovely cafes, restaurants, places to visit and loads of vineyards. Not that I'm a drinker, but there are plenty of places to stop by the road side and pick up cheap table grapes - delicious.

But instead of wasting time on excuses or explaining anything to anyone, I'm just going to move forward. This is a new year and I am going to begin afresh. I've already made a few steps towards making my life different. One of the things I've done is open a couple of online stores to sell my photography. There is a steep learning curve ahead of me. I still need to figure out things like saving my images in several sizes so they can be utilised in several different ways. At the moment I'm using the images from my Instagram account, but please do check out my Society 6 store and also my Redbubble store. I'll be adding more images and the range of products available will develop as I learn more about photos and pixel sizes. I'm also planning to feature some of my artwork when I'm ready.

My word for this year is Ritual. I've found most things happen when you make a ritual of them. This makes them a habit and that is what I want to happen this year. The word for the year is something I didn't think would mean that much to me, but now I know it makes a difference in my year. Last year's word was Brave and I needed to know I was brave in many different situations. So, it ended up being a good word for me last year. Please share your word for the year if you have one.

I've also been setting up a room just for me to use to write, create art and just be. I've made some good steps towards writing my novel, which I've titled Lessons in Appreciation for now. I've been spending a short amount of time on that each day, too. I've been bumping into people who I know will help me and discovering people who have experienced what my characters are going through in the story. So, it's a good sign I'm on the right track.

I hope your year is getting off to a good start, too. I'd love to hear from you and what your plans are for 2016.

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