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Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Friday #1

I'm going to republish the Freaky Friday prompts I originally began at A Creative Journal here because they've proved really popular with journal writers & bloggers alike. Occasionally they may seem dated. Where possible I will update them, but may leave some as they are just to give us a slice of the past.

Today is Friday. In honour of this day I've decided to create Freaky Friday for you. I'm hoping you've seen the film Freaky Friday. If so you'll easily fall into what I intend to do here each Friday. If not, well, perhaps I'll need to explain more. Freaky Friday, either version, is the story of a mother and daughter who literally swap roles for a short time. Several films have been made with this premise. Some kind of magical intervention creates this situation for the two to swap spirits or souls and live in the body of the other for some time.

The basic moral of the film Freaky Friday is for the main characters get a chance to experience first hand how it is to live someone else's life, to discover all there is to know about them, to see things from their point of view. Of course the films always end with the characters understanding and accepting the other's differences and working out whatever problems they have in the beginning of the film. I'm not suggesting this journal writing exercise will solve all your problems in a similar way, but I am hoping you'll come to understand other people and why they think the way they do.

For the first Freaky Friday journal prompt I'm asking you to step inside the shoes of a member of Pro Hart's family, since the artist has recently died*. It doesn't matter which family member you select. Read the Broken Hill's Art & Soul news story through to the end and write a journal entry from the perspective of one of the family members involved.

I hope you enjoy this prompt and return for next week's Freaky Friday prompt. Please feel free to share your response in the comments below, or supply a link to your own blog or online journal.

*Pro Hart died March 28 2006
Photo ©2003 Walt Disney Pictures.

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