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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yeah, I've been quiet

If you are following this blog then you'll have noticed I've been very quiet lately. I suppose all the pressures at home have built up. I needed some downtime and I've been grabbing that, just for me. It's not like I've got much time to myself at home these days. When I get online, for the most part, the family leave me alone, but I haven't had much online time of late. I've been just reading things, learning stuff, designing & creating jewellery, thinking, signing up for a course, journalling, and doing all the other things I have to do around here.

It gets tiring, being the one who everyone relies on. What I really need is a holiday, but that's not about to happen any time soon, so I've pulled back from things a little. I hope you don't mind. I will get back into full swing, especially as I am finally on broadband internet.

As far as journal writing goes, I am digging through my stashed gear to find the journal I feel like writing in next. This morning I made my last entry in the black covered one hubby gave me for my birthday this year. Do you like to find journals that inspire you to write in them, or don't you mind what it is you write on? I'm still looking, right now.



  1. I hope things get better for you soon, Heather. It is wonderful to be needed but so hard to find time for self-care. I think we all go through times of openness and being more private regarding writing online.

    I care very much what I write in, and am very particular; however it changes from journal to journal.

    Peace and blessings,

    Good to see you,


  2. Heather, I feel such empathy reading this. I remember feeling overwhelmed and soo responsible when my kids were at home. Just focus on what is really important. And your state of mind is highly important. Much more than dust or dirty dishes. I'm here, my friend.

  3. Anonymous7:29 am

    I just finished a journal and started writing in one I made 4 or 5 years ago. I had been too afraid to write in it because the cover can get damaged easily but I found a way to make it less fragile recently so I decided to use it.

  4. Thanks. ;-) I finally picked a journal from my stash. I'll try to blog about it shortly. ;-)

  5. Yay, so glad to see some posts from you again, Heather! :)
    My journal writing has been sporadic here lately... and I've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of that! Good to remember how important journaling is in my life.

    Welcome back to the Internet! :)

  6. Hi Rift,
    Thanks. I should be getting back into it, at least I hope. Yes, journal writing helps deal with stress, I agree. ;-)