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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Computer Problems

One of the reaasons I haven't been getting to my blogs is simply because I have a problem with my computer. It won't turn on, more specifically. While this is frustrating, it's been kind of nice in a way. I've been using my notepad type of computer to access the internet. I get to sit all cosy in here with hubby with the heater on. I don't have all my usual tools on this computer, so I haven't been getting to the things I normally do.

I have been writing in my journal a lot, though. Possibly since not having my computer active I've actually been writing even more in my journal. I just finished a nice big fat one from Smiggle. It was purple and had creamy blank pages. But I picked up a fun looking one with colourful stripes and flowers on it from a sale at Angus & Robertson recently. I started in that one today.

Hopefully, I can get my computer working soon and will then get back to regular blogging.

Photo used with permission from Stock.xchng

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  1. I cannot function without a computer! If it does not turn on, take it to my man Greg, who is a marvel, at Computer Recycle-it at Wangara. He is in the white pages. Tell him I sent you... ha ha! Or maybe not.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll give him a call and see what happens. ;-)