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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Excitement

Well, I'm fully into this art journalling since starting the course I won with Juliana Coles. It's like a switch flipped and now I just want to draw and make art, again. There's something that excites the little kid in me when it comes to art. I can always remember the sheer joy of splashing paint around and seeing the way it stained the page. It's something I always treasure, yet forget to go back to until I'm prompted. Like winning the course. I was given a massive shove back towards art. It's like coming home.

So, whenever I come across something good I like to share. In my recent art journal adventures I've met Willowing, who is a lovely and generous artist living in the UK. I've been hanging out on her ning website, watching her youtube videos and enjoyiing her whimsy. She also sells art journal workshops, which look very cool, and DVDs. But right now you can join Willowing, otherwise known as Tam, as she gives a free online art journal course called The Heart of Art.

The course runs for four weeks, has videos to download and lots more fun to enjoy with other people from all over the world, but the best thing is, it's free. Of course, you may donate money to her for offering this course, but if you can't pay anything, please share with others about the free course. I've signed up. The course officially begins on October 18th, but there is a full description of the course and a supply list available to download once you join the group.

I'm sure it will be loads of fun. I hope to see some of my regular readers joining in and creating art, too.



  1. Thanks for posting this - I have joined and will try to play along once it starts! :-) Free is always fun stuff!

  2. Free stuff certainly is fun. Hope to be able to find your entries, as there are so many people joining in. I gather they have a friends facility, so I should be able to find you that way. I'm so glad you're going to play, too. ;-)