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Monday, January 17, 2011

Journal Spilling

So, I've been playing and sketching in my journal every day. Perhaps I've missed a couple of Sundays, but most days I write in my handwritten journal and sketch something or someone, usually several someones. But I finally had a chance to read the book that arrived just before Christmas, Journal Spilling by Diana Trout.

Well, I've got to say, you can't possibly read this book and feel uninspired. I just itched to pull out a page a play with paint. So, I did one of the exercises in the book. I grabbed some collage images and words, tore them out, glued them down without thinking about where they went. I spread paint about the place and, yeah, just played. It was fun and I even did this with the family around. They chatted with me while I played and I still felt relaxed at the end of it.

I let the page dry and did some more to finish off the following morning. I can highly recommend you do the same. The image above is the end result.

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