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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An August Blogalong - No Excuses

I've been way too quiet with my blogging habits lately. So to remedy that I'm joining in a blogalong with Effie Wild. For the entire month of August I will try to write five entries a week. That works out to be Monday through Friday of each week. I'm taking the weekends off. Hope that's cool with you, too. I'm hoping to spend the month of August helping people get into, or back into, this journal keeping habit.

Journal keeping is a great adventure. If you don't already write a journal today is a great time to begin. People tell me they don't have time to keep a journal or that they end up writing the same things every day. You can spend as long or as short as you like on writing in your journal. Honestly, 20 minutes is about my regular entry time, but you could still write a lot in just ten minutes. In my opinion the benefit in keeping a journal is more about the quality of what you write than how long you spend doing it.

There are plenty of things we all waste time doing. Using the internet is one of them. I'll bet you're just as guilty as me of wasting time doing meaningless stuff. Find 10-15 minutes, open a journal to any page and begin. No excuses.

As to writing the same things each day, I say, well... you don't have to. I tell people there are no rules in keeping a journal. There should only be the rules you feel are necessary. So, make that one rule for yourself, if you need to; I will not write the same things every day. Use journal prompts or purposefully stay away from the mundane grind of daily life. Find ways to begin your entry that are not the same old same old. And, anyway, you don't even have to write. You can collage, paint, draw, or whatever feels like expressing what is going on with you, is perfectly fine.

The internet is groaning with suggested journal prompts and other ways to get started, so you really have no excuse. You can also check out any of my older blog entries for other ideas and clues on how to get started in keeping a journal.

I hope you will join me in this adventure during August and begin or refresh your journal keeping habit once again.

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