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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I've Got It MADE

Yeah. I've been quiet again. There are a lot of things happening at home. These are too personal to go into, but I am coping with prayer and because I was blessed to win a place in the Made e-course. I have to say it's been so wonderful to create from a spiritual and Godly perspective. I've been inviting Jesus to help me and the results have been incredibly healing. The pages I've made perhaps reflect this, but I hope you enjoy seeing some of the art I've made so far.

Lesson 3
How I see safety
Beautiful writing with a Sweetling
Lesson 5
Scripture Doodles

The Sweetling was a combination of a bonus lesson from Effy Wild's Book of Days 2014, which I was able to join because of a pay-what-you-can sale, and a blessing received from a good friend. I hope you are inspired to spend some time writing or making colour and images in your journals, too.

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