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Monday, September 21, 2009

Defining Your Search

Sometimes you can lose your way while keeping a journal. I began keeping a journal to improve my writing skills, but soon realised there was a lot more to gain from penning those words across the page each day. But really, almost anything is possible. It depends what you want to gain out of your journal. At the beginning of every journal I usually write a statement of intent, what I plan to write about in this particular journal. Sometimes this helps on days when I feel less than inspired. I will reread this statement and get to writing about whatever I have declared there.

Just like using a search engine online, it helps if you define your search. If you're looking for pens you know you'll be there a long, long time if you simply write the word pen in the space and hit search. To make your search more fruitful you will write much more about the type of pen you want. For example, ball point or nib, the colour of the barrel, the type of ink, etc. In the same way you may want to define what it is you hope to gain from writing in your journal as a way to begin.

It's ok if your intent changes and adapts over time. This is one of the best reasons to keep a journal, simply because the things you wish to discover or learn are forever changing. Keeping a journal reflects the constant ebb and flow of your ideas, moods, life experience and reflections.

If you've never written a statement of intent at the beginning of a journal perhaps try it out to see if you gain anything from the idea. I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. Please leave any comments in the section below.

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