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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freaky Friday #16

Today is Friday and that means it's Freaky Friday. If you need to know more about this journal writing challenge please read Freaky Friday #1.

Think about a time you've received less than great service for something. You made a purchase for goods or services and you were treated poorly, in your view, by the staff or contractor. I know just about every one of us has some story about slack customer service, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

Once you have your moment think about the person who failed to deliver adequate service. Try to think of a reason they failed to do so. Today, I want you to slip inside their shoes and write a journal entry from their perspective of the transaction. This is a great opportunity to tune into what makes other people tick, but also to see yourself in a new light. Try to avoid being too nice about yourself. This is their view, their story, and you may look bad to them.

I hope you enjoy this journal writing prompt. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Photo used with permission from stock.xchng

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