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Monday, July 20, 2009


I found this prompt on a visual journal group I've recently joined: Blissfully Art Journalling Group. The prompt was simply about making a study of faces. While this is a great visual prompt, don't forget to explore what the study of faces could do in writing. You could sit somewhere and look at faces on the people passing by, or do a search on google images, or look through photos. Then open up your journal and write. Make no plan, just write about the different faces and see where that takes you.

Of course, a study of your own face would also be a great idea to explore in your journal. Take a photo a day, create a montage of these faces after a week, a month, or whatever period you decide. Your children might be happy to pose instead if you feel reluctant.

I hope you enjoy this journal prompt. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Photo used with permission from stock.xchng


  1. I can see you really like to write! I have little to say on a journal page preferring my art to be dominant. I am trying to write poetry though, so if I put a poem in my journal it would be dominant with the illustration not.

  2. Lol, it wouldn't matter. I still believe journals are places people can express themselves the way they want to. I'll have to make a point of checking out some of your art soon. Thanks for the comment. ;-)

  3. Heya Heather, thanks for the link to the group. I signed up... and then I noticed how busy it is! ha: hoping I can keep up with them!

    Happy Day,

  4. Hi Rift,
    yeah, I saw your welcome message. I'm not sure I can keep up, either. Lol. ;-)