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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Idea of Perfection

I've run out of time today for much, but just wanted to express that when it comes to writing in your journal you need to leave the idea of pefection somewhere else. Look up the word perfection in the dictionary, but first define what this word means to you. Perhaps create a visual page on what perfection as one way to highlight how impossible it is to be perfect at anything.

I never worry about writing perfectly in my journal. Spelling errors don't matter. Just getting it down, the movement of my hand across the page, doodling, spirally my pen because it feels good, is sometimes enough. I enjoy words and express myself easily this way, but once I let go of the idea of perfection that was when I was able to really enjoy writing in my journal.

Try some free writing to warm you up, but you can even use this as your journal entry when you're feeling stuck with what to write. Write pages of free writing and then cut them up to use in a visual page. Let go of your ideas of perfection and enjoy writing in your journal. I hope this helps you to do the same.

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  1. I am sometimes a perfectionist but usually not. My daughter says I am but I feel I am only trying to do a good job. In the biblical story of Genesis, God didn't say "there, that's perfect". He said creation was good. I make plenty of mistakes and just try to learn from them the best I can.

  2. Hi freebird,
    Yes, I think learning is about practice and what better place to do so but in our journals. I also believe God loves creation. He made us to be like him. So, we enjoy creation, too. Thanks for your comment. ;-)