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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keeping a Night Journal

Yesterday* I mentioned how I was throwing out some morning pages and night journals. Just in case anyone wanted to know what exactly makes up a night journal, I thought I'd write an entry about the topic. I'm pretty sure I got the idea from another of Julia Cameron's books, but I can't recall which one now. The idea was to spend a short time, perhaps only writing one page, to recap the day. I tend to list achievements and any significant event. I also jot down ideas for visual journal pages, jewellery I'm designing or anything else creative. Often some of my best ideas occur to me right at that moment of settling down for the night. Sometimes I'm way too tired for writing anything much. Some entries end with the scrawl of my pen down the page.

I do enjoy writing before going to sleep, too. Something about that act helps me take those last thoughts for the day and put them somewhere away from my mind. It's also a signal to my partner that I am about to go to snuggle up for the night. Read into that whatever you like. It's also a good way for me to see that I have done something, no matter how small. As a busy wife and mother it can feel too much like you're busy but not really achieving anything. Listing what happened is one way to prove that untrue.

Anyway, I hope you find some use for a night journal. If you already keep one please leave a comment in the section below, or on any other journal writing related topic.

Photo used with permission from Morguefile by Kevin Rosseel, Washington, DC.
*I will find and post the entry about tossing my night journals this week some time.


  1. What a great idea! I love your site.. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us!!!

  2. Hi Leon,
    Thanks for the great feedback. I hope you come over to read my entries every now and then. ;-)