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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Personal Reflection

After reading Self-Indulgence or Self-reflection? I couldn't help wanting to pose this question myself. My angle, though, is on journal writing. Do you think journal writing is a self-indulgent activity?

In the blog entry Kate writes of other self-indulgent activities, such as reading a book, movies, TV, etc. I have to agree with her, though. I find the exercise of writing about my life, reflecting on my ideas and opinions, is actually less self-indulgent than it may appear.

Because I write in a journal I can express myself better. This can only help those around me. There is less confusion over what I'm saying. The clearer I am in conversation the better conversation will be for everyone. That's just one area. I believe journal writing calms me and gives me an emotional outlet. Without this my family would suffer from my grumpy moods. Instead of inflicting these feelings on them I can pour it all out in my journal.

What about you? Do you view journal writing, blogging or any kind of self-reflection as indulgence, especially when compared to other indulgent activities? Share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. Heather,
    Great question!! I think that journal writing isn't EITHER self-indulgent or self-reflection. It's both! Sometimes at once, and sometimes just one or the other. But let me ask you--of all the self-indulgent activities there are, how bad is it?

    Years ago a friend of my mother's asked me with attitude, "Isn't journal writing just navel gazing?" I responded that after writing in my journal consistently I was happier, more compassionate, and more interactive in my world. She instantly got it, and realized the merit of journal writing.

    When my interior world is clear and clean, I'm more effective in my outer world. Can't see where journal writing is self-indulgent, if it's making me a better person.

    And now, I'll go have an ice cream cone, which is way more self-indulgent. Nobody questions your right to eating ice cream, do they? : )

  2. Well, I don't really write my blog as a diary - not in the way I wrote a cathartic diary when I was a teenager. I write it mostly as a social activity, and I hope others enjoy reading my stories & seeing my photos. So I wouldn't really count it as self-indulgent, though maybe it's a bit self-centred of me to think that people would want to read about my life ;)

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Lol, thanks so much for your response. I believe just a little 'self-indulgence' every day goes a long way toards making us better people. ;-)

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Look if you're gaining something out of writing about your life, I don't think it's a self-centred activity. It it makes you more balance I think it's only a good thing. Keep it up. Thanks for your comment. ;-)