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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Throwing Out Journals

Since buying a new bookshelf we've been in a frenzy of rearranging and throwing things out around here*. First it was the study, where the old bookshelf went, and now other areas of the house are being hit. I suppose it's best to do this when you're in the mood and when other things are getting the big heave-ho, too. So, I decided to be brave and go through some of my journals stored above the shelving in my daughter's room. I didn't count them. That might happen yet, though, if I have to leave them stacked next to the rubbish bin until next collection day. The one thing I did do was take a photo to share with you, see below.

These are mostly morning pages and night journals. It felt good going through the massive pile and chucking them out. There's a nice big space left now for hubby to store some of his stuff. Have you kept or thrown out your morning pages or other journals? Was it a difficult decision or easily made? Have you never kept this many journals before in order to be able to come to this decision? Please share any journal throwing out sessions in the comments section below.

Photo is my own
*This is another entry from my old blog


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting your new posts.

  2. Hi, Heather,

    It is hard for me to throw out journals, but I do throw out weight logs and food diaries and such. If I think that I won't ever read it again, even when I'm writing my autobiography :) then I do throw it out. I save morning pages and anything else that contains thoughts, feelings, or events from my life! Blessings, Olivia

  3. Hi Dyanna,
    I love the unusual spelling of your name. You are most welcome. I try my best to make an entry every day but Sunday. ;-)

  4. Hi Olivia,
    Yes, it was the first time I had ever thrown any out. I was actually amazed how liberating the experience was, though. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  5. I found myself thinking about the issue of toss/keeping old journals lately and remembered this post. I was wondering how a person could toss out journals if they have personal stuff in them. I know my family would dig them out of the recycling and read them if I threw mine out. But more than that, I wonder if one of the trashmen might pluck them out at the dump. I scares me to think someone might read my personal things. Even worse would be if they helped inspired a novel or movie script. It's bad enough to feel violated by having your personal thoughts read but what if someone makes money off it? Anyway, sorry for the ramble about my insecurities lol. I was just wondering how I could dispose of my journals once finished. I think burning them might be my only option, but I have no way of doing that currently.

  6. Hi Toddmen,
    I really appreciate your comment, so don't be shy. I did look at all I'd written and knew there was nothing there anyone would be interested in. Not really because my life isn't all that exciting, but more because it was very difficult even for me to read. ;-) I think burning the old journals is a good option. Or perhaps using the pages to create artistic journal entries over would be a good way to use them, too. ;-)

  7. That's a great idea Heather. I thought about getting into art journaling before, just for that reason. I love the idea that you can write an ordinary journal page, and then paint all over it it cover it up. I think more than anything though, the main element of this whole issue of tossing journals for me is about space. No matter what kind of journal I keep, eventually I will run out of room to store them all. So I will have to get rid of some periodically for that purpose. However, tossing out art journals isn't anywhere near as scary to me as tossing out a written journal so I'm going to have to give this some more thought. Thanks again :).

  8. Hi Toddmen,
    Yeah, you've really hit the nail on the head. I had to get rid of those journals, even though in reality I'd love to have kept them. Sometimes something has to go. I hope you can use the art journal idea and perhaps chuck them later when they won't mean so much to you. Lol. ;-)