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Friday, May 01, 2009

Freaky Friday #7

Today is Friday and that means it's Freaky Friday. If you need to know more about this journal writing challenge please read Freaky Friday #1.

With Mother's Day coming very soon I'm going to challenge you to make a journal entry as if you were your mother. Now, I understand for some of you, this might be tough. I encourage you to at least try this journal writing exercise. If you simply feel too much hostility or other extreme reaction towards your mother, then please, choose someone else. Select a mother you have known, or at least seen, and write as if you are that woman.

Write about how you view the special day and what it means to you. Write about what you'd really love to receive from your child/children. It doesn't matter if you never even knew your mother. Imagine that you are her and write from her point of view the events that led to that situation.

As always the point of this exercise is to help you see another person's perspective. To help you gain greater understanding and empathy for others. I hope you enjoy this journal writing challenge. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Photo used with permission from stock.xchng

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