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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daydreaming Good for You

I read with interest the study on daydreaming and how they now believe it's good for you. If only someone had told our teachers. This was one thing I was often told off for when I was in school. All that woolgathering really is a useful activity. Actually, I've been using this technique for several years, especially when it comes to creativity.

Were you accused of being a daydreamer when you were a kid? Do people still level this one at you? Spend some time writing about daydreaming in your journal. How often do you daydream? What good things usually come out of a daydreaming session? Dare to create a visual page about daydreaming in your journal.

I hope you enjoy this journal writing prompt. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Photo used with permission from SsJ Toma on stock.xchng


  1. I always knew in my heart that my best creative ideas came while daydreaming, despite what the teachers tried to tell us.

    Very interesting article. I disagree with Prof. Cristoff on one point though. If I allowed myself to daydream while driving, I would miss my exit every time. LOL.

  2. Lol, yes, I agree about the best ideas and daydreaming. I have missed exits & similar while daydreaming and driving. So, there's something in it. ;-)