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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Are You Waiting For?

Although I've been busy for the last few days I have been aware that I am waiting. Waiting for my mother to arrive tonight, waiting for hubby to return from his trip, waiting for the mail, waiting for the dinner to cook, waiting for..?

There's always the things we're waiting for that we hardly acknowledge, too. Like waiting to gain wisdom or skill, waiting for someone to change, waiting to be appreciated, waiting for..?

Spend some time writing in your journal about all the things you are waiting for. Dig into the idea and list the things you rarely admit to waiting for. Describe what it feels like to wait for these things. Write about what you do while you wait for these things to eventuate.

I hope you enjoy this journal writing prompt. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Photo used with permission from Mr-Big on stock.xchng

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