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Friday, May 29, 2009

Safe Haven

One of the things I've always appreciated about keeping a journal is the guarantee of a safe haven. So long as you are able to keep your writing completely private you can write anything you like there.

The need for privacy is important. Your private musings could be taken out of context by anyone else. The ability to write without someone censoring your writings means you can be boring, complain, moan, or write about your dreams. Your entries can also exciting, sexy, or complete fantasy.

So long as what you are writing serves a purpose. Does writing out your boring day give you a sense of achievement? Then it's been good for something. Did writing your fantasy help release stress or help you let go of an unreal expectation? Likewise, the act of writing these in your journal worked for you.

You may even need to leave your own inner censor out of the picture while you write in your journal. It's okay to not make sense, to repeat words or sentences and break other rules of grammar.

Your journal should be a place you are free to experiment, play, relax and learn. Your journal should be a guaranteed safe have.

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